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May 2022

Paolo Riva was the guest on the sixth episode of the podcast Zetaverso – “Dall’esclusione all’ansia social, tra vita reale e social media”.
Marco Marinucci was invited by Dr. Tabea Hässler and Dr. Léïla Eisner to give a talk titled “Social Exclusion at its Extreme: Risk and Protective Factors from the Resignation Stage in Marginalized Social Groups” at the University of Zürich, Switzerland. 

March 2022

Luca Pancani was invited by Prof. Valentina Tobia to give a talk titled “The New Technologies and their Impact on Sociability Processes” at the Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milano (Italy). 

October 2021

Marco Marinucci and Nicolas Aureli attended the “Small Group Meeting in Social Exclusion and Rejection Research” at the University of Basel, Switzerland.



August 2021

The summer school “Social Connections and Well-Being in the Digital Era” on Lake Como ended happily. 

You can read the full report here.



July 2021


The commission (Commissione: Francesca D’Errico, Camilla Matera, Emilio Paolo Visentin) decided to award as the best article among those in competition:

Pancani, L., Gerosa, T., Gui, M., & Riva, P. (in press). “Mom, dad, look at me”: The development of the Parental Phubbing Scale. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.


The commission composed of: Prof. Michela Menegatti – University of Bologna, Prof. Luca Andrighetto – University of Genoa, Dr. Natale Canale – University of Padua agreed on the awarding of the prize to Marco Marinucci for the thesis entitled: “Social exclusion in immigrants: how intergroup social connections influence its impact”


June 2021


The commission (Gianni Marchetti, Nicoletta Cavazza, Elvira Cicognani) decided to award as the best article among those in competition:

 Marinucci, M., & Riva, P. (2021). Surrendering to social emptiness: Chronic social exclusion longitudinally predicts resignation in asylum seekers. British Journal of Social Psychology, 60(2), 429-447.


May 2021

Summer School “Social Connections and Well-Being in the Digital Era”
Lake Como (Italy) – August 23 – 27, 2021

Registration is open!

We are pleased to announce the summer school on social connections and well-being in the digital era. It will take place in presence on Lake Como (Italy) from 23 to 27 August 2021.

The Summer School aims at offering an overview of the most cutting-edge psychological theories and research on the social impacts of digital technologies. The impacts of various platforms and devices will be considered, including already widespread (e.g., smartphones, social media) and frontier ones (e.g., social chatbots, social robots, and virtual reality). Four primary focuses will be discussed: social connections in the digital era (day 1), connecting and interacting with social robots (day 2), exploring the social dimension in technology-enhanced learning processes (day 3), and digital interventions to foster well-being (day 4).

For more details on the program and the list of speakers, visit the school’s homepage:


Registration is now open, and the deadline for the registration is 7th of June 2021. To apply, fill out the online form at ConnectionsDigitalEraSchool

To inquire about logistics issues (e.g., travel arrangements, accommodation options), please contact To inquire about the scientific program, please contact

March 2021

Marco Marinucci succesfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled ” Social Exclusion in Immigrants: How intergroup social connections influence its impact”.

February 2020

Marco Marinucci attended the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s (SPSP) Annual Convention in New Orleans presenting posters titled “How intergroup social connections shape immigrants psychological responses to social exclusion” and “Prestige and Dominance hierarchies: a latent-class analysis to examine the sociometric status of 15,002 students“.

September 2020

With Dr. Patrice Rusconi & Konstantin Chterev. Project: Effects of isolation and confinement on individuals’ psychological states and coping strategies: A study on social exclusion in the LUNARK project. Proposal selected by the Lunark Space program, investigating the psychological impacts of socil isolation in a lunar environment.

June 2019

Davide Mazzoni attended The Migration Conference in Bari (Italy) presenting a work titled “The role of smartphones in the migration process: Achieving belonging via information and communication technologies.”

May 2019

Tom Denson (Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales) visited our lab and present his research on self-control and aggression to our Department.

March 2019

Marco Marinucci attended Workshop How to specify panel data analyses (by Josef Brüderl), which took place at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), Mannheim (Germany).

Brad J. Bushman (Professor of Communication & Psychology at Ohio State University) visited our lab and presented to the Departiment of Psychology his latest research on Narcisism and Aggressio